Oslo Conference on Armed Violence

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Geneva 12 May 2010


More than 60 states endorse the Oslo Commitments on Armed Violence
Armed violence is a global threat to stable and peaceful development. At a conference in Geneva 12 May 2010 co-hosted by Norway and the UNDP, more than 60 countries agreed to concrete measures to address armed violence.

The Oslo Commitments on Armed Violence commit states to implement a number of concrete measures to prevent and reduce armed violence. Systematic monitoring and measurement of armed violence, integration of efforts to combat armed violence into development plans at all levels of government and recognition of victims’ rights are key elements. 

 “According to the UNDP, armed violence claims the lives of 2000 people every day, most of whom are civilians. This is a significant humanitarian challenge for the international community, and it is an obstacle to peaceful development in very many countries,” Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre commented, and continued: “The Oslo Commitments prove that targeted efforts to address armed violence are beginning to bear fruit. This is an important stepping stone, and in partnership with the UN, civil society and other countries, we will continue to work towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals.”

Administrator of the UNDP Helen Clarke said “Armed violence has a devastating effect on development progress. Life as normal is severely disrupted – affecting citizens’ safety and security and access to basic services and livelihoods. The international community can mobilise to deter the proliferation and use of the weapons which fuel this violence.”

 The Oslo Commitments on Armed Violence
 Endorsing states
Statements during the conference:
 Final civil society closing statement
 Final civil society statement on AVR 120510
 Final civil society statement on victims rights



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